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31 College Place 120-B

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Q. How do you qualify Tenants?
A. An application is filled out including a $50.00 non-refundable application fee. This includes:

  • Verification of Monthly Income (MUST be at least 3 times the rent).
  • A Credit Report, and criminal background check.
  • Previous Landlord information for references.

Download rental application (77kb pdf)

Q. How is maintenance handled?
A. When a maintenance request comes in a work order will be issued to our appropriate vendor. If the tenant requests to be present they will need to work around the vendor as the maintenance personnel are busy! An emergency repair will warrant an escalated turnaround depending on the type of repair.

Q. How are after-hours calls handled?
A. The main office phone is rolled to a staff member’s cell phone, which is left on at all times to handle incoming calls. On Sunday’s the calls will be left on the voicemail and will be answered at the first opportunity as individuals attend church services that end at various times on Sunday afternoons.

Q. Are Pets allowed in your units?
A. Some of our units take pets, some limit the size and number of pets, some limit the type of pets and some won’t take them at all! This is completely depended on the property owner and must be discussed prior to lease signing.

Q.What is the pet deposit amount (if applicable)?
A. These vary by owner, but the normal pet deposit range set for our properties are:

  • 1-25 pound: $300
  • 25 and up: $500

Q. Is the pet deposit refundable?
A. When signing a lease you are asked to sign a pet agreement which states that we will have the carpets/hardwood floors cleaned professionally, and if necessary an exterminator to come in and spray for fleas/ticks. These costs are deducted from your security/pet deposit along with any damages caused to the property.

Q. How much is the security deposit?
A. This can vary from property to property. Please visit our website where you can find the rental amount, security deposit amount, and the qualifying income level.

Q. Can the security deposit be used for the last month’s rent?
A. The Residential Rental Contract that is approved by the NC Real Estate Commission states that the security deposit is not to be used as rent for any period of residency.

Q. What if I don’t have a job in the area yet?
A. One option that is available: if you have a good credit standing and a satisfactory rental history, it is possible to pay an additional rental amount up front (first, last, and deposit), or if you have a savings/checking account that has a verifiable 6 months of the rental amount this can qualify you as if you are working in the area and meet the guidelines.

Q. Is there any additional monthly fee for short-term rentals?
A. Dependent upon the property there could possibly be an additional rental amount charged each month for a shorter term lease. There will be no leases signed for less than 3 months on any property.